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Please note that this data is embargoed until 8:59am on Monday 18th December 2017



Good Morning,

Our latest NRS release, covering the period October 2016 – September 2017, marks the third quarter which blends NRS and AMP print readership data. These estimates are based on 25% NRS print data and 75% AMP print data and are the last of three blended releases across 2017. This latest release continues to demonstrate the almost ubiquitous coverage of published media with mobile almost equalling print in terms of monthly reach.

All results are embargoed until 8:59am on 18th December 2017. This means that the data should not be publicly commented on until after 9am on Monday 18th December when it will be released to the wider market.

The new AMP currency is due to launch in Spring 2018. The specific launch date will be confirmed after assessing test data in the New Year.

When the full 100% AMP data set is published next year, it will allow users to plan de-duplicated reach and frequency campaigns across all platforms for the first time. This utility will allow publishers to properly commercialise the huge mobile audiences which are visible in this release.

Non-comparability of data

NRS datasets in 2017 are a blend of NRS and AMP print data.

Due to the different methodologies, the PAMCo Board have mandated that NRS and AMP data should not be compared for commercial or marketing purposes. This means that from Q1 2017 data release onwards the data should not be compared with previous periods of NRS data. Also, individual periods should not be broken out to compare NRS and AMP data for commercial or marketing purposes.

New AMP questions and increased utility such as de-duplicated reach & frequency for all platforms will be available with the first full AMP data release in Spring 2018.

For more information, such as how you can and can’t use the data, please click here

Latest Results

This release covers the period October 2016 – September 2017 for print data and September 2017 for comScore data.

View Print, PC and Mobile data – NRS PADD: Mobile >>

View Print & PC data - NRS PADD >>

View Print only data >>

The full set of results, including detailed breakdowns and spreadsheets, are available at nrs.co.uk/latest-results


Please find below links to our latest series of infographics summing up the latest data release. These are very handy for downloading and adding to your presentations and client updates.

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NRS Data in 2017 and differences in methodology

This is the last data release which blends NRS and AMP print readership data, before the launch of full AMP print and digital data in Spring 2018.

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