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NRS Notes | February 2017
Please note that this data is embargoed until Tuesday 28th February 2017 at 23.59pm

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Q4 2016 data (January – December 2016) marks the final release of full NRS data. From the next release onwards and for the rest of 2017, we will be releasing blended NRS/AMP data, until releasing 100% AMP data in February 2018 for the period January – December 2017.

The latest data shows published media’s almost ubiquitous coverage, with 94% of GB adults consuming magazine media and newsbrand content each month on print, PC and mobile.

Consumption of publishers’ content via mobile increased by 4% year-on-year across the market. For two thirds of the 25 brands measured across all platforms, mobile is the single biggest provider of audience. This bodes well for the launch of AMP, in February 2018, when it will be possible to plan and buy across all platforms for the first time.

All results are embargoed until 23:59 on 28th February 2017.



Please find below a link to our latest series of infographics summing up the latest data release. This is very handy for downloading and adding to your presentations and client updates.


Go to the Total Market section of our website to access an even wider range of Infographics.


Latest Results

This release covers the period of January 2016 – December 2016 for the NRS data and November 2016 for the comScore data.

View Print, PC and Mobile data – NRS PADD: Mobile »

View Print and PC data - NRS PADD »

View Print only data »

The full set of results, including detailed breakdowns and spreadsheets, are available at nrs.co.uk/notes-home/.


NRS Data releases for 2017 – Blended Data

In 2017, PAMCo will continue to publish NRS data but from Quarter 1 2017 (data released on 19th June 2017) the print data will be blended from NRS and AMP samples, in order to integrate the new AMP data. This release will have three quarters of NRS print data and one quarter of AMP print data and an NRS PADD style fusion to deliver digital audience estimates.

NRS/AMP blended data will be published at the Quarter 2 and 3 2017 data release, with an incremental proportion of AMP data until the first 100% AMP dataset for January – December 2017, which will be published in February 2018.

The PAMCo board have mandated that the blended data should not be compared across different periods, for marketing or commercial purposes, due to the fact that NRS and AMP are different currencies, with different methodologies and each blended quarter is a different mix of both.

Data Release Data Period Composition
27th Feb '17 embargoed until 23.59 28th Feb '17 Jan '16 – Dec '16 100% NRS
19th June '17 embargoed until 23.59 20th June '17 Apr '16 – Mar '17 75% NRS/ 25% AMP
11th Sept '17 embargoed until 23.59 12th Sept '17 Jul '16 – Jun '17 50% NRS/ 50% AMP
11th Dec '17 embargoed until 23.59 12th Dec '17 Oct '16 – Sept '17 25% NRS/ 75% AMP
Feb '18 Jan '17 – Dec '17 100% AMP

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